Project management

Stafiz offers a wide range of tools to build and follow-up your projects. Maintain clear visibility over your projects in real time, and forecast for each of them the expected revenue and profitability.

Precisely anticipate the completion and profitability of all of your projects

Build your projects
When your client accepts your proposal, transform it directly into a live project ina click, no need to enter all the details again. Simply create a “Production Plan” - a breakdown of the revenue (how many days per grade for instance, how many products, etc), and use it as a reference throughout the project for comparison with actual time spent on the project. Finally, identify your internal team and subcontractors and assign them onto the project.

You can build your project with phases and tasks. They appear in a Gantt chart, so you can immediately see progress, view completed tasks and identify those which are pending. This also allows you to accurately manage ADR (average daily rates). For example, you can decide that one task will be billed at 1000$ per day, while another will be billed at 1200$.

Full follow-up of projects
Stafiz provides a holistic view of your projects in a click. On the same page, you have visibility over timesheets, project planning, expenses, invoicing, sub-contractors, and tasks. This dashboard enables you to quickly identify risks and issue (over-consumption, delays, invoices overdue, low profitability, unforeseen expenses, etc).

You can easily dig into areas for improvement and gain more information to drive your decisions. If, for example, you see a large number of unbilled expenses, just go to the 'Expenses' tab for a full summary.

Once you have resolved the issue, all appropriate actions can be taken from the same page - you can add a partner, source a contractor, generate an invoice or mark a task as complete.

Projects and profitability follow-up
In a 'fixed-budget' project, track how much time was spent on the project, and compare it with what was initially planned. Stafiz sends you an alert as soon as over-time is anticipated or detected. There are two ways to analyze profitability: either by comparing the number of days sold to the number of days actually spent (those are multiplied by the ADR), or by using ADC (average daily costs). With the second option, you can also follow the margins made with outsourced consultants and the products you sell (internal cost vs price).

In 'flexible-budget' projects, follow the number of days spent on the job, to directly invoice them.

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Project creation
Production plan (days and products sold)-
Definition of ADR (average daily rates) per task-
Creation of tasks and Gantt chart-
Fixed-budget or flexible-budget projects-
Staffing & project follow-up
Dynamic project planning-
Number of days spent and forecasted-
Overdue tasks and reminders-
Subcontractors & freelancers
Days spent vs planned / sold-
Project margin follow-up (2 options)
Unbilled production & remainder to produce-
Fixed-budget & flexible-budget billing-
Automatic billing from tasks marked as done-
Automatic billing of expenses
Many billing models

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, so we made sure we developed a great range of options to perfectly fit your needs

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