Stafiz helps you grow your business. Identify staff needs for your project proposals, manage tasks, receive reminders for milestones and anticipate future revenue.

Follow-up sales, manage contacts and automate project proposals. Get full visibility over your "pipe" and anticipate your revenue and workload

Make the most of your contacts
Use Stafiz to make the most of all your contacts (clients, suppliers, subcontractors). Simply enter contact details and other practical information such as an assistant phone number. Track and save all interactions with your contacts, and improve your business relationship and conversion.

Share the contact within your entire company so the directory is always up-to-date. Share internally pertinent information with your colleagues: feedbacks on meetings can be displayed on the client company contact page. For example, “Met Jon, 11/04, keen to move forward…”.

Monitor opportunities and proposals
Follow all your bids and project proposals with Stafiz. After building your proposal with Stafiz automated tool, you'll be able to plan the resource for the project: you can track the time spent and analyze the project profitability. Project proposal status (“open”, “sent”, “pending request”) can be updated as you reach new milestones, to provide a holistic view of your “pipeline”.

Entering expected sales information and prospective bids allows you to forecast turnover and workload, and can contribute to sales reports.

And when your proposal is accepted, directly create the live project in Stafiz (using existing data). This information can also be used to analyze successful outcomes and how proposals can be improved.

Manage your tasks
To increase your proposal rate of success, you will need to contact clients at the right time with the right message. With Stafiz, simply get a heads-up of your previous interactions and you’ll communicate in a much more efficient way.

And you can build your winning strategy and schedule your sales activities. You will receive reminders and close that deal ! ("call Jon in 10 days to discuss the budget", “suggest a working lunch at the end of phase 1",...).

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Contacts & companies
Manage & share contacts-
Manage client companies-
Hierarchies & organization charts-
Project proposals
Follow-up opportunities & proposals
Status of proposals-
Resource planning of proposals & time tracking analysis-
Revenue forecast-
Creation of tasks (meeting, call, business lunch, ...)-
Follow-up & reminders of upcoming tasks

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes, and this is why we developed a wide range of options to always fit your needs

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Stafiz is SaaS software for professional services. It manages the full scope of activities, with resource management, reports, outsourcing, billing, expenses and leaves.