Invoicing and cash-flow

With Stafiz, you can manage your invoicing workflow, from client orders to invoice generation. There are many invoicing options, reminders and alerts to help you identify when to invoice, or when payment is overdue.

Invoicing features are totally linked with your on-going projects : always know how much and when to invoice, and get paid on time.

Monitor client orders
Record and save your client orders as a proof of your proposal agreement and terms. Your invoices will be automatically drafted based on the agreed terms.

Use the revenue report to analyze your revenue by month, team, or collaborator, and compare them with your annual plan targets or with last year figures. Forecast revenue and have the most accurate visibility on your commercial activity.

Anticipate your invoicing
Within the project business intelligence reports, plan and track your invoices. First, create an invoicing schedule schedule; if you have agreed to invoice 20% when the project kicks-off, 50% at phase 2 and 30% on completion, you'll receive alerts to remind you when to bill. These alerts can be triggered at accurate dates, or based completion tracking or even based on a task : If you mark a "final project meeting" as complete, this can automatically generate an invoice ready to be sent to your client upon your approval. So, operations activities are monitored by your operational teams, and admins will automatically receive accurate instructions to invoice.

Get reports to tell you which invoices have been issued and if any outstanding payment is due.

Easily generate and issue invoices
When you start using Stafiz, customize your invoice settings : Variable or fixed-budget invoicing ? Specific invoice templates? Stafiz manages them all.

With Stafiz invoice generator, simply confirm all the items you agreed to invoice (days, products, expenses etc). For instance, if you need to invoice expenses, there are several options, like fixed amount or real costs, with or without maximum thresholds, and many expense invoice templates. Once you have set up your options and template just issue the invoice in PDF or Word. Download a zip file with all expense details and send everything to your client. It's that simple!

Feature Core software Hyper-flexibility(1)
Purchase order creation-
Upload files (PDF, Word,...)-
Co-sourcing / outsourcing amounts
Orders reports-
Invoice schedule-
Invoices to be issued (unbilled production)-
Alerts for overdue payments-
Invoices templates
Printing in PDF and Word
Easy invoice generation, fixed or flexible amount-
Internal invoice count-
Automated expense invoices-
Alerts for unpaid invoices-
Reports on invoicing and cash-flow by team-

(1) Your company may have very specific internal processes but no worries we developed all the options to perfectly adapt your needs

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Stafiz is SaaS software for professional services companies. It manages the full scope of activities, with time tracking, reports, outsourcing, invoicing, expenses and leaves.