Staffing and resource management

Increase visibility over project planning and team schedules, optimize capacity and utilization. Allocate tasks and projects to your teams in just a click.

Your most important asset is your team. With Stafiz, you have the right tools in hand to make the most of your employees’ time, to improve productivity and to anticipate activity peaks.

Also included

  • Staffing: manual or auto
  • Availabilities: displayed
  • Skills: filter by skills
  • Utilization: past and future
  • Absence requests: link with staffing
A smart staffing software

Technologies that make staffing easy

Smart staffing

Select the best resources among internal and external consultants

Increase utilization

Keep track of low billable utilization and make data-driven decisions

Consultant search engine

Select skills and dates and let Stafiz pick the right consultants

Staffing requests

Let your project leads manage their requests and centralize the staffing decision

Easy project allocation

Automate allocation with workflows

Calendar integration

Improve overall visibility with Google and Outlook calendars integrations

How it works

  • Track
  • Plan
  • Gain
Visibility over schedules

Know who is working on what and who is available!

  • Clear display of everyone’s schedules
  • View planning by individual, team, organization...
  • See availabilities in coming days, weeks, months
  • Intelligent staffing: automate allocation process
  • Staffing granularity by minutes, hours, half-days...
Plan your projects with a tailored solution

Choose the right resources and optimize your capacity

  • Have continual visibility over availabilities and skills
  • Anticipate work and staff with placeholders
  • Automate calendar updates for approved leave requests
  • Revenue forecast aligned with project schedules
  • See if your external resources are available
Save time and optimize utilization

Stafiz gives all the visibility your need to optimize your most important asset: your employees

  • Save time planning projects
  • Make informed resource choice decisions for your projects
  • Have real-time visibility over forecast margins
  • Anticipate potential delays and overspends
  • Optimize employees capacities