Want a platform to connect and work with your contractors? Stafiz helps you choose the right external resources, staff them on projects and track their time and expenses.

Share a common environment, configure their access rights and follow your contractors progress.

Take out the administrative burden and lack of visibility that working with external resources usually produce, and make your business more flexible.

also included

  • Environment: shared
  • Access: restricted
  • Costs and rates: individual
  • Reporting: contractor report
  • Expenses: workflows

How it works

  • Track
  • Plan
  • Gain
Track contractors schedules and work

Onboard your external resources on Stafiz and make your lives easier

  • Search for the right skills and availabilities
  • Connect their times and expenses to your projects
  • Automate your supplier invoicing process
  • Configure their access rights
  • Track contractors performance
Connect and work smarter with contractors

Save yourself the administrative burden of working with external resources

  • Simplify time and expense submission
  • Check at any time if they are up to speed
  • Break bottlenecks and increase collaboration
  • Follow and approve all their billable expenses
  • Anticipate their planning and availabilities
Be more productive and optimize utilization

Enhance your services using right solution to work with independent experts

  • Manage your pool of contractors
  • Improve utilization adding flexibility
  • Increase project on-time delivery
  • Get more data about contractors' performance
  • Avoid the administrative burden