Project management

Project Management Software

Track progress and financials: improve on-time delivery and projects margins.

Divide your project in multiple phases and incur time and expenses on each phases.

Compare actual times incurred on the project with initial schedules. Receive alerts if the costs of the projects are deviating from the budget.

Adjust the budget if your client asks for additional work.

also included

  • Project financials: Yes
  • Completion status: Yes 
  • Budget: Yes
  • Project phases: Yes
  • Invoicing: Automatic

How it works

  • Track
  • Plan
  • Gain
Follow your projects

Real-time comprehensive project data for a better tracking

  • Fixed-fee or Time & Materials
  • Real-time update of project costs and margin
  • Gantt charts and phases
  • Unbilled Work In Progress
  • Automated invoicing
Plan and benchmark the actual performance

Build the project budget and compare costs and margins to stay aligned

  • Build the detailed project budget
  • See labor and expense costs
  • Compare to-date and future margins
  • Make the invoicing easier
  • Adjust resources staffing to deliver on-time
Improve project margins

Make data-driven decision and improve profitability

  • Be alerted if the team runs slow
  • Identify where margin can improve
  • Receive notifications to invoice faster
  • Don't ever keep unbilled work again
  • Know early when to add resources