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Stafiz answers your problems and eliminates your recurring tasks. Discover how its users in consulting firms save precious time on their projects and management of their activity.

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The YouMeO case

  • Industry: Digital Transformation
  • Main issues: Administrative burden of operations

A complete solution in line with their needs

When YouMeo chose to use Stafiz, it was still a young and fast-growing company. Deploying Stafiz was the ideal way for YouMeO to structure its processes and save time for all employees, especially the associates, in order to free themselves from numerous administrative tasks.

"The deployment of Stafiz has allowed us to ask the right questions and build more efficient processes

Before / After

How they worked :

  • Projects were managed in Excel
  • Expense and leave reports were processed by email
  • Invoices made manually.
  • Loss of time on administrative tasks

What they need is a solution to better manage the business and avoid errors. "We realised that sometimes we didn't invoice part of the work or expenses because of a lack of visibility," says Raphaël Beziz.

The deployment of Stafiz has enabled managers to empower their teams.

They save time on :

  • Billing

YouMeO is able to :

  • Anticipate its margins
  • To see the deviations thanks to the alerts
  • Take decisions before it is too late to maintain their margins at the desired level.

It changed their lives!

"We realised that sometimes we were not charging for some of the work or costs because of a lack of visibility."

"We finally have an accurate system, which avoids errors and provides all the visibility to run our business. We save an infinite amount of time and gain in serenity" says Raphaël Beziz

What they think

R. Beziz


From YouMeO


"Managing our projects has become so much easier since we started using Stafiz. The software has allowed us to automate our project and performance management. It has been a real game changer!"

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