The right CRM for consultants

Professionalize your commercial activity with a CRM designed for professional services organizations.
Track your pipe of proposals, build project quotes and track time and expenses spent on commercial activities.
Anticipate resources needs, and allocate projects ahead of time to improve on-time delivery.

Contacts and organizations database shared with your team

Share your contact and organization database with your team in Stafiz CRM designed for consulting firms. Build custom contact fields. Create hierarchies between contacts and organizations

  • Import contacts and organizations
  • Custom fields
  • Custom status
  • Build hierarchies and links
Sync your mailbox to keep track of interactions with contacts

Sync your Google or Microsoft mailboxes with Stafiz and keep track of the latest exchanges you or your team had with each contact added in the CRM. With better information available, you have more impact and win more opportunities.

  • Google and Microsoft mailbox synchronization
  • Keep track of tasks and emails
  • Write emails directly from the CRM
  • Track revenue generated with each client
Track your commercial pipe of proposals

Use a CRM for consultants and improve your chance to win client projects. Make proposals' pipe more visual: add proposals, their value, win probability and track them through your pipeline stages. With this better way to share information, you never miss on opportunities and know where to put the focus on.

  • Drag-and-drop pipeline
  • No opportunity missed
  • Anticipate staff needs
  • Track estimated revenue forecast
Centralize and archive all your proposals in the CRM

Centralize all you proposals, won or lost. Keep quotes, history of exchanges and any document linked to this opportunity. Come back and reuse it when a similar opportunities come forward

  • Easy access to previous proposals
  • Keep documents (proposals, quotes…)
  • Centralized quote database
A CRM for consultants where you build quotes and budgets

Build project budgets in this CRM for professional and consulting services: specify roles, number of days, specific daily rates for each phases, add products. Check the project margin. Edit the quote in your format and add it to your proposal.

  • Create quotes
  • Edit PDF quotes
  • Build resource budgets
  • Add quotes to proposals
Track commercial costs and pre-sales impact on margins

Have a better understanding of the cost of your commercial activities: track labor, contractor and expense costs in the pre-sales phases of each project. Track the total margin of your projects and make data driven decisions.

  • Track commercial labor costs
  • Track commercial contracting costs
  • Track commercial expense costs
  • Track commercial team schedule
Track your commercial pipe
Benefit from a CRM designed for consulting and agency firms

  • Share contacts and organizations details
  • Track your pipe of proposals
  • Build project budgets and quotes
  • Track activity with clients
  • Forecast potential revenue
Forecast revenue and utilization
Plan resource needs and optimize your activity

  • Build your quotes in Stafiz
  • Search for the appropriate resources early on
  • See if your pipe is filled enough to achieve your goals
  • Track commercial activities (meetings, emails…)
  • Share proposal documents
Grow faster
Improve your business development and grow revenue

  • Follow the commercial team progress
  • Understand how profitable are your commercial actions
  • Anticipate risks and opportunity
  • Know where to put the focus to grow revenue
  • Optimize utilization and on-time delivery

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