Stafiz provides a solution that enhances your consulting operations.

Automate work with powerful technology, provide the right tools to help your team receive smart insights and make data-driven decisions, improve profitability and on-time delivery.

Work easily with freelance resources and build a more flexible workforce with specific expertise to help you compete and win more deals.

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Why Stafiz
A software that brings consulting operations to new heights

Increase profitability at your firm with real-time reports

Stafiz gives you tremendous visibility over the performance of your firm, your teams and your projects. Whether your look at a consolidated level or into the subsidiaries’s details, you can access powerful reporting from any device, and make data-driven decisions that increase margins, billable utilization and cash-flow.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and automate work

Benefit from Stafiz technologies and eliminate repetitive tasks :

  • Sync calendars and automate time tracking
  • Scan receipts on the go and generate expense reports faster
  • Create resource requests and let Stafiz suggest the most relevant consultants
  • Automate the work with contractors and make your workforce more flexible
  • Bill the clients in a few clics with mass invoicing features

Build a more flexible workforce

We believe that successful consulting firms have a good understanding of their performance and have the right tools to take the turn of the freelancing world : bringing additional expertise, making workforce more flexible and simplifying the administrative burden of working with contractors is our promise !

Our consulting clients say it !

We were blind when it came to staffing our resources. Stafiz gave us so much visibility that our billable utilization quickly improved.

I.LaletHead of Development & Support, Colorado Consulting

“Managing our projects has become so much easier since we started using Stafiz. It has been a game changer!

R.BezizCo-founder, YouMeO

Are you ready to take your consulting activities to new heights?

You can either choose specific functionalities among all the features we have, or take the full solution. It’s your choice !

Time tracking

Fill-in your timesheets in a click


Improve billable utilization

Project management

Improve collaboration

Expense management

Simplify admin tasks


Get total visibility


Manage automated invoicing


Share a common environment


Track your commercial activity


Track hirings

Absence management

Link absences and staffing

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