Connect external and internal resources on a single platform

Stafiz connects teams on a single environment to work better, at the office or remotely: collaborators, contractors, finance, HR and management.

Increase visibility over project planning, track completion status, labor and expense costs…
Break bottlenecks, share documents and work smarter.

This is the kind of collaboration that will help you increase your on-time delivery performance.

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Why Stafiz
Why Stafiz
Unique environment to work smarter

Can I track the availability of both internal and external resources?

Not only can you see schedules and availabilities of internal and external resources, but you can also filter by teams, roles and skills.

How does Stafiz help me prepare my projects?

Allocate projects to resources and confirm that billable utilization is optimized. Start allocating placeholders for proposals that are likely to be won and increase On-Time Delivery.