The website fully respects the new European rule on data protection (rule n° 2016/679n named General Data Protection Regulation).

Use of collected data
All collected & saved data are freely provided by users.
These data are collected on order to steer the consulting company, and no other purpose.
No data is sold, rented or shared to another organization: all data is only used by the creating and owning company, and only on the site.
No profiling ot users is done, and no behavioural data is collected or used.
Data is saved in databases and used as long as the company wishes it. The client company can choose to delete part or all of the data whenever it wants. Data are entirely deleted when the company ceases to be a client.
No data is transfered out of the EU.

The only used cookies deal with the last navigation elements, and these data are not saved in databases. For instance, the last viewed project will be saved in a cookie, so that on the next session the website directly opens on this project. Viewed periods (in reports) are also stocked in cookies.
Cookies are kept for one year (365 days).
No private or profiling data is saved in cookies.

DPO (Data Protection officer)
The DPO at Stafiz is Pierre Arbeille.

Data location
The data is stored by OVH in France.

Right to erasure
To use your right to erasure or right to be forgotten, please contact us there.