Free time for your team with Stafiz automated billing feature. Customize the invoice template with your corporate identity, and make the most of Stafiz: with already up-to-date data, Stafiz prepare invoice suggestions. You just need to confirm and click "send".
Time & materials billing are fully automated.
Benefit from a powerful tool and improve cash collections: receive notification to invoice when a milestone is achieved. Be alerted if a payment becomes overdue.

Create and track contracts, purchase orders and invoices in Stafiz

Easily create contracts, edit purchase orders and generate invoices. Stafiz provides you with a project billing software to invoice time and expenses, track payments and overdue.

  • Manual or automated invoices
  • Customize invoice format
  • Invoice from multiple entities
  • Invoice in multiple currencies
Generate manual or automated invoices

Generate invoices aligned with your contract methods: fixed price, time-and-material (T&M) or combination of both, Stafiz Billing Software for Consulting and Agencies supports all billing methods. Create an invoice either from work that has been done or to bill a phase of a project. You can choose to bill manually or use automatic billing based on pre-defined trigger events.

  • Fixed fee, Time & Material, mixed
  • Manual or automated invoices
  • Invoice triggers
  • Alerts to invoice faster
Save a lot of time with mass invoicing

Save the finance team hours with Stafiz Mass Invoicing tool: select a period, time and expenses incurred are pulled and the Mass invoicing tool generates invoice drafts. Edit or approve in just a few clicks and send them directly and automatically by email.

  • Mass invoice by period
  • Check and edit invoice drafts
  • Generate proforma or real invoices
  • Send by email in one click
Invoice faster and improve financial performance with Stafiz Billing Software for Consultants

Bill your clients quicker and optimize your cash flow. Stafiz sends notifications when an event triggers a new invoice (specific date, closed activity, …). Track payments and receive alerts when an invoice becomes overdue

  • Billing triggers notifications
  • Invoice collection tracking
  • Pre-forma invoice edition
  • Customize the invoice calendar per project
Easily export all billing reports, documents and invoices for accounting purposes

You can export your invoices in csv. or XLS. format compatible with accounting tools and accountant needs. With Stafiz API, we can also integrate with your accounting and payroll solution. Contact us for more information !

  • Invoice reports (csv, xls, xlxs, …)
  • Pre-format for accounting purposes
  • Automated transfer through API
Track All the Billable Costs (labor and expenses)
Benefit from the integrated time and expenses features

  • Track Billable Work In Progress
  • Billing status reports
  • Billable expenses reports
  • Clients purchase orders
  • Auto-invoicing system
Improve work-to-cash process
Reduce average cash-collection days with notifications and alerts

  • Issue your invoices in one click
  • Link client purchase orders with invoices
  • Add billable expenses to the invoice
  • Add milestone triggers to invoice earlier
  • Don’t wait to contact your client if an invoice is unpaid
Improve your working capital
Optimize the billing process and reduce by 20% the cash collection days

  • Never forget again to bill some work done
  • Speed-up your invoicing process
  • Reduce cash collection period
  • Track your aging balance
  • Forecast your cash-inflow

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