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Utilization rates vs Realization rates

Every Professional Services Organization should keep a close eye on its utilization metric. It is a good way to understand how productive is an individual or a team. Here is how you calculate utilization rates: Add up all the billable hours in a period divided by the total workable...

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What are the best project management tools for professional services organizations?

What are the complexities that professional services organizations face? Projects in consulting firms or agencies are far more complex than when it comes to resource planning and project management than in normal companies. They require specific project management software. They have a commercial aspect since they are billed to...

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What are the key project management financial metrics?

That’s it, you have sold a big project to a customer! it’s exciting! Now let’s get to work, and make sure you will be profitable with this project. But wait, what exactly should you measure? Sure, you have a revenue and you have costs, so it seems pretty straight...