Benefits of using a SaaS solution for professional services firms

ERP and management software should be seen as a necessary evil. Your goal is to create value for your clients, and administrative tasks just slow you down. The less paperwork, the better, don't you think ? Here are a few reasons why a good software can drastically help you:

Benefits of SaaS solutions

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Here are the main advantages:

1. No installation
All your employees can use right away every features, without any required installation on their PC, Mac or phone. There is no harddrive space required and the data is stored securely online, which means it can be accessed from any device with a login and password.

2. Remote maintenance
Our central team manages all technical apects of the solution. Should a problem arise (it’s rare, but we prefer to be cautious), everything is solved in a timely manner from our offices. We have direct access to the system, so we don't need to bother you to solve issues or update features.

3. New features
Continuously benefit from added features as they are launched by our product team. We keep developing new modules and make improvements, and we always make them available for you, at no cost.

Stafiz vs spreadsheets like Excel

1. Secured data
Excel sheets are not secured, and Excel passwords are known to be easily breakable. Stafiz secures your data on Amazon AWS servers. Some people prefer to keep a hard version of their excel files on their computer desktop, to avoid leaks. But what happens if the PC is lost? Cloud based solutions enable you to both secure your data and avoid risk of loss.

2. Reliable data
Sharing the right data with the right people makes it more reliable. Maybe there is no need to share financial data for example, but if managers can check timesheets, they can ensure that the data is reliable, which enables accurate reporting for partners.

3. Collaborative production
It is very difficult to share and work simultaneously on Excel files. This means only a few users can work on the data at the same time. With Stafiz, all your employees can collaborate simultaneously, and this collective effort provides a holistic view of the whole activity, at any given time.

4. Online features
Some Stafiz features are just not doable with Excel. Impossible to scan expenses with your phone on Excel, for instance. Many similar online features bring added value to you business.

5. Speed
Excel is very good software with many functions, but as soon as the volume of data increases, calculations can be slow. With Stafiz, all reports are instantaneous and always up to date.

6. Business intelligence
Many consulting and service companies have developed their own reports and KPIs. We also offer them (we already have templates and if you want specific ones, we develop them for you!) and we can add additional information based on our experience and knowledge of the industry. For example, we also provide reports with ratio comparisons between consulting firms, to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

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