About us

About us

Pierre Arbeille, Stafiz founder, used to work as a strategy consultant. He noticed that he was losing too much time on non-value added administrative tasks or reporting, which convinced him that a much better solution was imaginable. Experienced software engineer, he designed and built Stafiz with his developing team, the software he wished he could have had back in his consulting days!

Stafiz has quickly grown and is now used by many different types of customers: consulting, legal, accounting, marketing agencies, architecture, banks, internal consulting…

At Stafiz, we are obsessed with 3 things: killing every pain points, simplify work and making our customers happy by adding value to their business.

Customer obsession

We want love from our customers! Yes, nothing less. And we will work hard to deserve that!

Smart work

We fight to automate our work exactly like we fight to automate our customers' work!


We take our mission to help our customers work smarter seriously, we are deeply dedicated to this goal


We want our employees to learn a lot, work hard and play hard. Always.








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